Getting to Know Your Equities Account

Rules every stock or options trader should know about their account before placing their first trade It’s important to know the differences between cash accounts and margin accounts. Both are equities accounts where you can trade stock or stock options, but each account type has its own set of rules. Knowing the rules and limits for [...]

Getting to Know Your Equities Account2020-03-25T11:10:52-04:00

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 and Options/Stock Trading

I recently returned from New York for the NYC Traders Expo and Covid-19 (Coronavirus) was on the mind of all there. As I looked around, I saw people wearing masks, people hoarding hand sanitizer and saw one person wrapped in toilet paper protecting themselves from the virus……. well most of that is true except the toilet [...]

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 and Options/Stock Trading2020-03-24T13:36:58-04:00

Revenge of the Trades

Have you ever lost big? Did you think about placing a bigger, riskier trade to off-set the loss? You probably thought to yourself “if this works, I’ll make back more than I lost.” With all of the sudden drops in the markets the last three weeks, you may be feeling like putting on a bigger trade [...]

Revenge of the Trades2020-03-11T12:31:59-04:00

Why Trade Options?

Maybe you have heard about trading options and were cautioned to stay away because they are too risky. While it may be true options trading is not suitable for everyone – options can be a valuable tool in a trader’s arsenal. Like many trading instruments, options have their risks and rewards. The first step to trading [...]

Why Trade Options?2020-03-03T10:56:16-05:00

What is Yield Curve Inversion and What does it Mean

By Neil Szczepanski, Tradeology: The Fifth Insight We have all heard it – “As the yield curve slips towards inversion, the recession warning light blinks red—again.”  But, do we all know what this means? In order to understand the effect of a yield curve inversion, we must first understand what a yield curve inversion is and [...]

What is Yield Curve Inversion and What does it Mean2020-02-05T10:25:06-05:00

Riding Out Geopolitical Risk

By Brian Benson, On Course with Options   In my recent blog post, “Selling Options On Oil”, I made mention of “geopolitical risk” in oil markets.  This is probably a term that we’ve all been hearing a little too much of lately. But, here we are starting out the 2020 trading year with a rather significant [...]

Riding Out Geopolitical Risk2020-01-31T12:37:25-05:00

Five Myths about Options Trading and Stock Trading

By: Neil Szczepanski, Tradeology: The Fifth Insight   Myth #1 – Options trading is very risky While trading options does carry risk, options can be used in a defined risk strategy. This is when you limit your upside but also limit your downside. For example, you buy a call option and sell a corresponding call option [...]

Five Myths about Options Trading and Stock Trading2020-01-31T12:35:06-05:00

Selling Options On Oil

By Brian Benson, On Course with Options   Why Trade Oil? The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil futures contract (ticker CL) represents a huge market with great liquidity. Liquidity is an important consideration when picking a market to trade because it allows traders to easily enter and exit trades with minimal slippage. Slippage refers to losses [...]

Selling Options On Oil2020-01-31T12:33:47-05:00

Three Steps to Trading a New Strategy

By Matt Hensley, Two Roads Trading   For a trader, there's nothing more exciting than finishing up a book, coming home from a conference or watching a video and coming away with a new strategy, especially, one with good historical performance, where all the back-testing is already done for you. So, you should just start trading [...]

Three Steps to Trading a New Strategy2020-01-31T12:41:41-05:00
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