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With 10 hours of total content over the course of two days, you can make the most of the weekend by attending our two-day live educational symposium. With four different coaches and eight live hours of content, we will cover a variety of topics that will allow you to make strategic moves in this volatile market. Register today! We look forward to seeing you with us next weekend.

Symposium Overview

  • Friday April 3rd Kickoff by Two Roads Trading
  • 4 hours on Saturday April 4th
  • 4 hours on Sunday April 5th


Friday – 4/3/20 (All Times Eastern Time)

6:00 PM – Kickoff by Two Roads Trading – Matt Hensley

It will be a lively weekend for trading education. Matt will kick us off on Friday night with informal conversation and icebreakers for the weekend. Make sure to bring any questions you may have.

Saturday – 4/4/20

2:00 PM – Welcome and This Weekend Ahead – Sarah Potter
Sarah welcomes you to the weekend, tells you what’s in store for the next two days, and shares her ideas on the upcoming week in the market.
3:00 PM – Learning Risk Graphs – Neil Szczepanski
In this section you will learn how to read and use risk graphs to get in the most successful trades. You will learn what day stepping is and how it can benefit you along with how volatility will affect your P/L in your trades looking at risk graphs.

5:00 PM – Covered Calls – Shaun Mahoney
Learn the basics of covered calls and how to set them up in the different types of markets to make successful trades. We will discuss how to construct the trade setups while limiting our risk.

6:00 PM – My 3 Favorite Technical Indicators and How I Use Them – Matt Hensley
In this talk, Matt breaks down the three technical indicators he uses in nearly every trade. He’ll show you how he uses them to find potential trades, then plan an entry. He’ll also show you how he uses them to manage the trades that he’s in to find the right place to exit.

7:00 – 8:00 PM – Questions & Answers Session

Sunday – 4/5/20

12:00 PM – Options Swing Trading – Matt Hensley
How to choose your strike, expiration, and strategy – So you think XYZ is going up and you want to play the options. What now? In this talk, Matt will walk through his process for looking at an options chain, assessing liquidity, then finding the right strike price and expiration.

1:00 PM – Credit vs Debit Spreads – Shaun Mahoney
In this section you will learn how to set up credit and debit spreads both bearish and bullish. You will learn how to set them up in the profitable way while limiting your risk to have successful trades.

3:00 PM – What is Expected Move – Neil Szczepanski
In this section you will learn what expected move is, how it is calculated and how to use probabilities of their expected moves to set up the most profitable trades based on statistics.

4:00 PM – How to trade credit spreads with less than 24 hrs to expire – Sarah Potter
You’ll learn how and why Sarah trades credit spreads on Thursday’s for a Friday expiry Find out what strikes and trade set ups to look for to trade this way Identify stocks that look like good trade entries for this strategy. A review of risk and rewards using this strategy.

5:00 – 6:00 PM – Questions & Answers Session