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Sarah Potter, President of YouCanTrade will share the strategies that help her decide when to set up an options trade as a day trade or when to trade and keep it open for a few days. With the markets as volatile as they are, you might be feeling like you are missing your exits or late on your entries, but it may be a matter of factoring in ways to maximize the trade you are setting up BEFORE you get in.

Learn ways to evaluate your trade set up before you place that trade, and find out a quick, easy process to assess whether a day trade or a swing trade might give you the trade you are looking for. Find out what trade set ups Sarah is using in these markets along with reasons why comparing your options trades using different expiries and working through this comparison can help you diversify your trading risk and gain from the market moves we are seeing. She will show you details of trades she placed in these markets, break down why the winners worked, why the losers didn’t and give you some tactics to assess trades. Register for this special event and exclusive access to Sarah’s strategies to determine how to set up an options trade, find out what trade set ups are working best for her now and hear about ways to accommodate a trade set up based on this market volatility.